Thanks for visiting my Website. Firstly let me introduce myself. I have lived in Broome for 30 years and have extensive local Knowledge and a genuine love of the landscape & its people. I have operated a very successful photography business for much of this time. I came to Broome as a Teacher, where I taught both primary & secondary (also photography) & I loved that job as well. Demand for my Photography grew fast. I became so busy, a choice had to be made. My photography has many dimensions - Weddings -  landscape  - Press -  Portrait.  I have won many awards, published a book, taught photography, had my photos published in many respected magazines including  Australian Geographic. My photos have appeared on the front page of many Australian newspapers and so on. I would prefer not to talk about myself too much but it’s important that you have confidence in my products & understand that they are the result of decades of hard work & commitment.

Landscape & its People – This is how I began my photography, I was motivated by the beauty of the Kimberley. Sooner or later people must come into it. The indigenous people of this region and their country are inseparable. Make sure you look at my Facebook pages – One is dedicated to the Kimberley Landscapes & its people, the other to Weddings.  I find it important to have two FB pages as the themes in each can become confused.

Weddings – A picture tells a thousand words. So if you’re thinking of hiring a wedding photographer, get on over to my Wedding Gallery & the FB page. If you can see yourself in my photos, then I might be the photographer for you. Weddings are all about capturing the joy & the emotions of the day & because you are in the most beautiful place in Australia, the landscape frames your day. Your photos will look as timeless & as beautiful in 20 years time as they will today. Email me for rates or call 0459 233 780 to discuss. I have been in the business for a few years - I have photographed well over 400 weddings, heading to 500!

Thanks again & Enjoy the photos - Damian